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Summer Kids

My new puppy Leo. Keep pet clutter under control with Amanda Scott Home.

People think about organizing as a way to declutter their space, but did you know that organizing is also a great way to reclaim your time? Now that school’s out for the summer, a few simple steps can make your kids’ summer easier—and keep the kids active, engaged and out of the house! Now that’s a vacation!

1. Make Space for Summer

Incoming! School supplies are on their way home. Set yourself up for success by having a plan to select just a few and keep clutter from taking over.

Whether you’re sifting through school supplies, artwork and schoolwork or school clothes and uniforms: sort, salvage and reduce or recycle. Here are some detailed tips for handling what comes home at the end of the school year. Recruit your kids to help out. It’s their stuff, and it’s never too soon to learn how to lighten up.

2. Get in Synch

Summer schedules can make school days look like a cakewalk. With different activities for kids of different ages, ever-changing summer camps and schedules, summer jobs and vacations, summer can quickly turn into chaos. Instead, take a breath and make a calendar. A Google or iCalendar will keep you organized and can be shared with a partner, co-parent, sitter or guardian. Use your calendar to record:

  • Due dates for camp forms, including medical forms

  • Camp start and end dates, by child

  • Daily pickup and drop-off times, including who is driving each way

  • Vacation dates

Decant pet treats into cute storage jars. Amanda Scott Home can help.

3. Plan for Fun

Unscheduled summer hours give kids a great opportunity to exercise their bodies and their imaginations. All they need is a little structure to help them get in the swing:

  • Set family limits on screentime.

  • Update art supplies, sports gear, books and games.

  • Join your local library’s summer reading challenge or create your own.

  • Set up a Creativity Zone with art supplies and space to spread out.

Planning for fun includes saying Yes! to summer swimming when the opportunity calls, so keep a swim bag by the door with suits, towels, flip flops, googles and sunscreen, ready to go!

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Remember when summers felt free and easy? A little planning will go a long way toward freeing yourself and your kids to enjoy the weeks to come. And helping kids learn how to manage and even savor their free time is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Overwhelmed at the idea of doing it yourself?

Don’t forget I’m always here to help.



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