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The Entryway

There’s no time like springtime to take a look around your home, to see what can go back into hibernation and to lighten up.

For a fresh, new feel, a simple bit of spring organizing can make a world of difference in a space you use a lot: Spring into your Drop Zone! photo credit: @almostmakesperfect

What is the Drop Zone?

Whether it’s a mudroom or entry hall or the space just inside your front door, every house has a “drop zone”: the spot where you shed your coats and hats, keys and mail, books and bags. No matter how large or small, your drop zone can quickly fill with clutter. Spruce up for spring with a few simple tricks to freshen up your front entry and help create calm when you walk through the door!

Step 1: Clear the Clutter

Remove everything from the space so you can start with a clean slate. In springtime, you can clear out your drop zone by removing winter coats, hats, beanies and scarves to a closet or storage container to make space for an umbrella, light coats and sandals. This is a great time to return library books, recycle magazines and junk mail and anything else you don’t need to keep. When you’ve cleaned out the clutter, simple storage solutions will set the stage for a fresh new space.

Step 2: Go Vertical

You don’t need to spend much to make your drop zone refreshed and clutter-free. Get the mess off your floor and tables by installing a row of hooks to hold jackets, hats, light bags and leashes. Hooks can be stylish or simple. If you don’t want to put holes in your walls, command hooks stick on with adhesive and hold a surprising amount of weight! Hooks make a great solution for kids’ backpacks. They also work well for masks. If you love going vertical, you can supplement your system with hanging files for incoming and outgoing mail.

Step 3: Store your Shoes

Shedding shoes when we walk in the door keeps rugs and floors clean, but shoes can become a mess when they pile up. Consider storing shoes in baskets placed by your door. Shoe racks, inside or outside, are another simple solution for getting shoes off the floor. If you have space, a bench where you can take shoes on and off can double as a hiding place for shoe bins or baskets.

Step 4: A Landing Pad

If you have space for a small table near the door, this is a great place to put a tray for keys, sunglasses and sunscreen and another tray for incoming mail. No room for a table, floating shelves might do the trick. Does your junk mail pile up? Consider a small recycling bin just inside the door to get rid of unwanted clutter before it becomes permanent.

Step 5: Bins and Baskets

Bins and baskets make a great solution for other things you want to get off the floor, like kids’ bats, balls and other sports equipment. A bin can become a waystation for larger packages, pool bags and empty grocery bags that are waiting to go back out the door and into your trunk.

Creating Calm

Remember: the best way to beat clutter is to prevent it from piling up in the first place! Your space belongs to you and you have the power to decide what stays and goes. Refreshing your drop zone is one simple, inexpensive thing you can do to take back your space and bring calm to your life. Grace it with a vase with fresh flowers and a mirror right by the door and you’ll feel refreshed as we roll into spring!



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