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The Nightstand

Happy 2021! This year I am looking forward to starting the new year off with hope, feeling refreshed and renewed. Here’s one small, simple change you can make to meet the new year feeling well rested with more energy and peace of mind: Tidy up your nightstand.

Refreshed Bedside, Restful Sleep

Too much clutter raises our cortisol levels. These stress hormones disrupt sleep, leaving us tired and wired. Start your day with the energy that comes from sleeping well and waking in a space that makes you feel refreshed.

Bedside Clutter

If you’re like most people, your nightstand is a collection of books and magazines you mean to read. Add loose change, crumpled bills, old receipts, prescription pills and a cup or two—before you know it, your most restful space is a chaos of clutter.

Pare it Down

To clear your nightstand clutter:

  • Spread everything on/in your nightstand across your bed

  • Throw out trash; recycle old papers and magazines

  • Put loose change in your piggy bank, loose bills in your wallet

  • Gather loyalty program cards in a rubber band and put them in your utility drawer

  • Relocate books you haven’t read to the bookshelf or your local Little Free Library

  • Stack magazines you still want to read on a coffee table or in a basket

  • Store medications in the bathroom

  • Put loose jewelry in your jewelry box

  • Remove cups and glasses

Simplicity is the Goal

A bedside table should hold only those things you use at night right before bed:

  • Two books or magazines

  • Reading glasses

  • Lotions

  • A tray for jewelry you wear every day (rings, watch)

  • A clock

  • A journal and one special pen

  • One personal item: A candle, a photo or a flower in a vase

Your bedroom is your inner sanctum. Make it peaceful and enjoy a brighter 2021!



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