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The Holidays

If we learned anything from last year, it’s how much we have to be thankful for: Family and friends, good food and a bit of light to cheer us along. This year, make your holiday season even lighter with the gift of organization.

You’ll find that you have more peace of mind, more room to breathe and more joy to share. Happy holidays!

Festive Decorations

The holidays are exciting and overwhelming! We tend to prepare by buying more of everything. Before you stock up, take stock of what you already have. You’ll save money and time, space and sanity!

  1. Pull out all your holiday items—plates and napkins, wrapping paper and ribbons, candles and ornaments. Count your candles, plates and napkins to see how much more you need—and how much you already have.

  2. Clean up your menorah with boiling water to get rid of last year’s wax and get ready to shine bright!

  3. To make decorating easier, test out your holiday lights. Do they need new bulbs? Discard broken light strings—they’re clutter and they’re dangerous.

  4. Sort out your ornaments and replace anything that’s broken. While you're at it, consider giving an ornament as a stocking stuffer. It's a gift that will be enjoyed year after year!

  5. Speaking of gifts: Sort through your wrapping paper. Recycle paper that is torn or crumpled. Separate holiday prints from the rest of the rolls for easy access. And always consider recycled and compostable paper.

Holiday Cooking & Baking

The holidays are a great time to take an inventory of your pantry:

  • Pull out some of your favorite recipes to make sure you have all the ingredients you'll need.

  • Toss out expired spices, jars, boxed and canned goods and replace them.

  • Make sure your cookware, baking pans, cookie cutters and tools are in good shape.

While you’re decluttering your shelves and replenishing staples, think about how much sweeter you can make the holiday with a donation to your local food bank. Food banks are happy to receive:

  • New canned foods and dry goods

  • Your time

  • Cash Donations

If you’re in Alameda County, consider a gift to the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Donate in honor of a friend or relative and give them the gift of giving back!

Need more help in your kitchen? Ask me about my Kitchen Makeover Session.

Books & Toys

The holidays are a great time of year to get kids to clean out their toys and books. They’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with less clutter, and they can also experience the joy of giving.

Encourage children to choose gently used items for donation to a school or shelter, or help them pick out a new toy or book to donate to Toys for Tots.

Holiday Clothing

The holidays are a great time to purge winter jackets and coats you no longer wear, including coats kids have grown out of. Jackets and coats in good condition can be donated to One Warm Coat to keep someone’s holidays bright.

Finally, if holiday parties are in your plans, find your festive clothes now! It’s never too early to have something to look forward to!



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